6 Reasons Why A Luxury Hotel Is Better Than An Airbnb

There are several reasons why staying in a luxury hotel is a much better option than a rental holiday apartment, such as those offered by Airbnb. While an Airbnb can serve budget travellers well, as nightly rates tend to be cheaper than those of 3-star hotels, for travellers with a bit of extra money to spend, luxury hotels offer many advantages over holiday rentals.

1. Enhanced value.

For luxury travellers, the small details really matter — the details that are often lacking with Airbnbs, even the higher-end ones. For example, at luxury hotels like the ikos oceania, it is standard to receive a welcome basket on arrival, a bottle of champagne in your room, reservations at fully-booked restaurants, plush bathrobes, and twice-daily housekeeping services. The extra touches you can enjoy from a luxury hotel can make your holiday much better and provide you with a surprising amount of value for your money.

2. Exceptional service.

Luxury hotels and top holiday resorts have strict staff hiring and training processes for a reason, particularly for positions that require a lot of interaction with guests. Exceptional service is what differentiates luxury hotel brands, like Four Seasons, The Peninsula, Mandarin Oriental and Aman Resorts, from the rest.

3. Sleep better.

No matter what type of accommodation you stay in when you travel, getting a good night’s sleep is likely to be top of your priority list. Cheap hotel rooms and budget Airbnb apartments often fail to deliver on this key factor due to no air conditioning, lumpy pillows, rock hard or old saggy mattresses, no blackout curtains, dirty bedding, squeaky bed frames, traffic noise, or no soundproofing on paper-thin walls dividing guest rooms. Meanwhile, luxury hotels typically offer super-sized comfortable beds, air conditioning, blackout shades, plump pillows, and crisp clean white Egyptian cotton sheets.

4. VIP perks and rewards programs.

Many luxury hotel chains offer preferred partner programs or are members of a luxury consortium, which means they can offer loyal customers special rewards, such as complimentary breakfast, room upgrades, hotel credit, and other perks depending on how a customer makes the booking. (Top tip: Don’t book a room in a luxury hotel through popular online travel sites like Orbitz or Expedia if you want to get the best treatment). Certain hotel brands, like St. Regis, Ritz-Carlton and Park Hyatt, allow guests to earn loyalty points for various reward programs managed by third parties. These points can be redeemed against the cost of future stays, upgrades, or even airline flights. Meanwhile, you don’t collect any loyalty points or get any VIP perks when you book a stay in an Airbnb.

5. Change rooms if required.

Sometimes a mistake happens with a booking or there’s an issue with your suite, hotel room, or rental. If there’s an issue with a rental apartment, you’re basically out of luck and your holiday could be ruined. Meanwhile, when you book a stay in a luxury hotel, if there are any issues with your room or suite, the hotel management will move you to a new one and may even provide you with a free upgrade.

6. No cancellation fees for refundable reservations.

If you’re plans change, it often won’t cost you anything to cancel a reservation at a luxury hotel and you can typically cancel right up until the day before arrival. However, you should always look at each hotel’s cancellation policy, as terms can vary between brands. In contrast, you typically can’t make last-minute cancellations with Airbnb without losing the entire amount you paid for the rental as many hosts have strict no cancellation policies. Even with the hosts that offer more flexible cancellation policies, you still won’t get a refund for the fee paid to Airbnb — the Airbnb fee is non-refundable.