A Checklist for Taking Care of Your Home

Taking your home maintenance checklist one small piece at a time is one of the best ways to ensure you aren’t going to put it off.

You can achieve big results by taking it step-by-step. If you are able to successfully dedicate a lot of time to your home maintenance efforts, you can end up keeping your home in the best possible condition.

Below, we will be going over our extremely easy to follow checklist:

Weekly Home Maintenance

Having a weekly home maintenance ritual based on the various features of your home is key. While it might vary from home to home, here are some of the following tasks you should incorporate:

  1. Clean all of your carpets and hardwood floors. With carpets, use a vacuum. With your hardwood floors, utilise a large dust-mop.
  2. Do a little bathroom maintenance. Some examples of smaller bathroom maintenance tasks could be unclogging your drains with a Zip-It tool and even repairing damaged tile grout in your shower.
  3. Clean appliances. You will want to clean your appliances in bite-sized chunks. For instance, clean the outside and inside of your refrigerator this week and then try to run a cleaning cycle in your dishwasher the next.

Monthly Home Maintenance

These are typically the cleaning projects that we should be doing as regularly as possible but we don’t often get to do it. Pick any afternoon and do it.

  1. Clean the range hood and filter.
  2. Clean the furnace filter. You will want to replace it if needed. This can keep your furnace running as efficiently as possible and it can save you money in utility bills.
  3. Polish any and all wood furniture. You will also want to dust all of your light fixtures and wipe down all of your baseboards.
  4. Check your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in order to ensure they are functioning properly and to be certain they don’t need a battery replacement. Likewise, you should check to make sure that your fire extinguisher is fully charged, and consider replacing storage heaters if need be.
  5. Inspect the outside of your home. You will want to check for things like loose shingles, look for signs of damaged siding, deal with oversized trees and more.

Yearly Home Maintenance

Here are some of the larger tasks that you should be effectively dealing with at least once per year:

  1. Clean and try to organise everything from your basement to your garage to your attic. This is something that no one enjoys doing, but it needs to be done. The good news is, you will likely find hidden treasures of things that you thought you had lost that you can either use or sell online to make extra money.
  2. Wash all of your windows and window screens. This will help get more sun shining through your windows. While this is usually something a lot of homeowners put off till spring, you can do it whenever.
  3. Try to take on a single major outdoor renovation or improvement project every year. You will want to try to figure out a couple of days where you will have time to complete it. For instance, if you have always wanted to complete a fence installation or even patch up your driveway, you will want to take the time to complete this.
  4. Clean out all of your gutters. You want to ensure that your gutters are routinely cleaned to avoid problems that can stem from having clogged gutters. You can even install wire grates to avoid a pest problem.
  5. Try to freshen up a single room in your home. You can pick out a random room and give it a tiny makeover. Doing one room every year will soon have your entire home looking fantastic.