Green Living Products from MobiLane

As our cities move into the future there will be a considerable need to integrate environmental surroundings with the buildings we occupy. Here are three systems that have been developed by the experts at Mobilane that can help city planners meet these goals.


LivePanel is one for the most impressive innovations created so far. This vertical landscaping solution is actually a “living wall” and can be applied in any outdoor or indoor environment, such as office planting. They have become increasingly popular and making areas of the city greener and more attractive.

This impressive idea can take the coldest most barren walls and transform them into something green and full of life. The living wall system is made up of smaller cassettes that can be exchanged as needed. Each of these cassettes is connected to a duct rail that carried life bringing moisture to these living plants through a special capillary system.


– Exchangeable cassettes

– Compact construction

– Easy installation

– Modular system

– Low odour

– Low water consumption

– Indoor and outdoor application

– Thermal insulation advantages

– Low maintenance

– Noise-reducing properties

– Contributes to biodiversity

– Contributes to a healthy climate

Green Screen

When considering the privacy of your property, a hedge divider is one of the most impressive and attractive options. The only problem is that it could take years before this hedge has reached an appropriate size to offer privacy. But none of this waiting will be needed when you choose Mobilane’s Green Screen. This system contains individual panels that can be set up in no time at all. Best of all the hedge looks as if it has been carefully cultivated for years.

It works from a simple metal grid that can be entirely clothed with vegetation. These plants are set in specially designed compost pots made of coconut fibres and these will degrade within just a few years and the plant inside will begin growing from the sub-soil.

Not everyone wants the same hedge in their garden and this is why there is plenty of variety. You will be able to select the exact type of shrub, in the colour and height right for you.

In addition to the different colours, shapes and shrubs to choose from, you can also apply your Green Screen in a wide variety of ways. You can apply your Green Screen as a garden divider, swimming pool fence or carport dividers as well.


– Ready-Made hedge creates immediate privacy

– Easy to maintain

– Contributes to biodiversity

– Sustainable and attractive

– 10-year guarantee

– Divider for the surroundings

– Available in different heights,

– Can be planted any time except the coldest months

Reduces air pollution

– Posts and fixing materials also available

– Available in different types


Cordoning off some space for a garden in the middle of the city is no easy task. But, Mobilane has a product just for you. Best of all, you will not have to wait years for this option to come to full fruition. This innovative garden idea can be installed on your roof and from small sedum cassettes that snap together nicely. This is the perfect solution for putting on top of garages, storage buildings and many other applications.

The MobiRoof is set up with a special cassette system that allows several varieties of sedum plants to be selected and organized as you see fit. These cassettes are also interchangeable and can be swapped around as needed.


– Cassettes constructed from a high-quality non-toxic polypropylene

– Reduces rain runoff Substrate has water retention and drainage features

– Reduces air pollution

– Contributes to biodiversity

– Various sedum species.