Tips For Taking Care of Your Home

If it is time to start looking around your home and fixing things up, it’s best to start slowly and in sections.

When you take the time to section each maintenance task, it is much easier to maintain the home. All it takes is a few hours each week to get the job done and only for a few days. As long as you do this, the house is going to look like a million pounds.

Let’s take a look at what your checklist needs to include.

Weekly Home Maintenance

When it comes to your weekly routine, you want to make sure the emphasis is on the key features. This will ensure the tasks are handled the right way.

A good starting point is to vacuum everything in detail and/or run a mop across your hardwood flooring. This helps take away any surface-level issues that are present.

You can also take the time to work on the bathroom, especially if you want to section off your tasks one by one.

A good example of this would be simply using a Zip-It tool for cleaning your drain and getting rid of trapped hair. You could easily repair tile grout that has been damaged in the tub. What about cleaning the appliances and giving them a good rub using a cloth. You can even split this task and do each appliance separately if that makes it easier.

Monthly Home Maintenance

When it is time to start focusing on monthly tasks, you will need to choose a day during the month when these tasks need to happen.

The tasks can include:

  • Cleaning the Filter and Range Hood
  • Cleaning and/or Replacing the Furnace Filter (Helps Keep The Costs Down)
  • Focusing on Whether or Not Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors are Working (Replace the Batteries Too)
  • Polishing Wood Furniture, Baseboards, and/or Light Fixtures
  • Making Sure the Fire Extinguisher is Fully Charged
  • Inspecting the Home for Visible Problems Such as Insect Nests, Shrubbery, Damaged Siding, Fallen Shingles, or Overgrown Trees

By spotting these issues right away, you can make sure the problem doesn’t worsen.

Yearly Home Maintenance

Now it is time to focus on tasks that need to be done annually at home.

Washing the Windows and/or Window Screens To Make Sure the Sunlight Comes In Nicely
Organising the Garage/Attic/Basement
Focusing on an Outdoor Improvement Project (Installing a Fence, Putting Together a Patio, Concrete Driveway)
Cleaning the Gutters, Removing Shrubbery, and Pruning Trees
Cleaning Each Room in the House and Perhaps Repainting the Walls
Replacing Curtains and/or Moving the Furniture Around

It is these things that are going to have a tremendous impact on how the house looks and will add value to every room in your property. With yearly tasks, you want to be patient and make sure to give yourself enough time to walk around and see what needs to be done. Furthermore, you might also want to look for self storage facilities at Hemel Hempstead or nearby areas to you.

In a lot of cases, you will have to focus on choosing specific projects and allotting a few days to each one. This can be done at the same time of the year for good results. It’s important to find specific changes that have to be made before moving onto others that are not as important.

By doing this, you are going to see better results and the maintenance process will go ahead as planned.