Want to Work with Kids? Then You Should Have These 5 Qualities

When it comes to working with kids, it is quite different from dealing with adults. Also, there are differences when working with older and younger kids. So, if you’re interested in working with kids, there are a couple of skills and qualities that you need to master. We will now take a look at these qualities so you can work on them.

Hiding Frustration/Annoyance

Most children can easily tell when you’re feeling different so it is essential that you are capable of hiding certain feelings such as irritation, frustration, tiredness etc. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to pretend that everything is fine all of the time and you should be able to let a child know if you’re not pleased with their bad behaviour. With that said, there are certain times when you should hide your frustration and annoyance. One example is if the child loves it when you read a particular story for them and are asking you to read it for the fifteenth time. If you show that you’re annoyed, this can make them feel quite demoralised.


The most important quality that you should hone is patience. Kids will take some time to learn and understand various things and you need to be patient, especially since you’ll likely have to repeat yourself quite frequently. You will also need to explain many things as well as deal with a wide variety of distractions. So, in order to prevent yourself from becoming overly frustrated, you will have to develop a lot of inner patience.


Keeping calm is also very important, especially during an emergency. If you start to freak out then the kids will also start to freak out. This can make the situation a lot worse and it may even get out of hand. So, you definitely need to learn how to keep calm in a variety of difficult and overwhelming situations. If you need to work with large groups of kids, then you should strive to be as calm as possible since the kids will be looking to you to set an example of how to behave.


When it comes to working with children, you should only do so if you truly love kids and want to spend time with them. Most kids can easily tell when a person isn’t comfortable and may even try to take advantage of that. Therefore, you should definitely have a great deal of enthusiasm for working with children and whatever you’re trying to show or teach them. The more enthusiastic you are, the more likely children would be interested to learn from you.


Many people believe they need to dumb down explanations when speaking to children. However, this is untrue and it is better to use examples where the children can easily relate to and understand what you’re trying to explain. The majority of children learn better when you use stories, examples or situations that they are familiar with to help them learn new skills or various concepts.

We have just looked at the most important qualities that you must have if you want to work with kids. The other skills that you’ll learn will require these traits, so be sure to work on them. Check out nanny payroll services for further practical information.