What Employers Expect From Finance Professionals

Our role as finance recruitment experts is to work together with our clients to help them find the ideal candidates for their different job openings. Here are a few of the most important skills and attributes that companies such as Bould Bookkeeping wish to see in a finance professional.

Up-To-Date Credentials

Different finance-related roles have different requirements. Even though you may qualify for some of these positions, your compatibility with the role depends on the structure of the company and its area of activity. One common requirement across all industries and business types is up-to-date knowledge.

Team Work And A Positive Attitude

Oftentimes, employers in need for staff for their finance teams seek for people with a good ability to work as a business partner. In the past, the finance function had to put up with a negative perception. Finance professionals where the ones to reject all new ideas. This was never entirely true. Today, more than ever before, the finance team needs to make efforts to counter this perception. Finance professionals have to cooperate with creative teams and take a key role in different types of projects.

This means that the ideal candidates need to show excellent communication abilities and other soft skills. One of the most important things is to be able to keep an open mind to the contribution of other people to the business.

Ability To Explain Finance In Layman’s Terms

These soft skills need to focus on properly communicating and interacting with people outside the finance department. Finance professionals need to be able to to explain to other teams what finance does, in a language that everyone can understand without problems. Most finance professionals will be working without any supervision and to very tight deadlines. The month-end reporting is only one of the situations in which these professionals must show a strong ability to motivate a team.

According to our State of Skills research, strong communication skills are among the top things to look for in a finance professional.

Helping people to stay motivated to do their job relies on the ability to explain them what those numbers mean in real life. You need to do a lot more than adding up and crunching numbers. You also need to bring these number to life, to reveal the story behind them, and to allow everyone else to see and understand this story and its importance for the business.

Commitment To The Business

Most of our clients seek for finance professionals with a good understanding of their business, but also with realistic views in regard to the recruitment process and to their career development.

They are aware people may not stay with them forever. Nevertheless, they expect a certain level of commitment in driving their business forward while also gaining experience and growing on a personal level.

Flexibility And Willingness To Learn

Clients are usually looking for self-motivated individuals who will use this opportunity to enhance their skills and to broaden their knowledge. They want their employees to progress while also benefiting the company as they move up their finance career ladder. Technical qualifications and business partnering skills are now among the most important things most business owners and managers are looking for in candidates.