What Is The Cost Of A Triple Glazed Window For Your Home?

Triple glazed sealed units feature an extra compartment filled with argon gas, an extra pane of tough glass, and more spacer bars, making them cost more to produce compared to double glazed variants. Not to mention the transportation costs are higher due to the size and weight of the units. As a simple square meter costs around £100, over-double-glazing it works out as well. This also means that an average square window measuring 4ft on each side would use a 1 square-meter glass, adding approximately £100 to an average double glazed window.

What is the Cost of Triple Glazing Windows?
While there is a wide variety of windows with many different systems and materials, sticking to the standard uPVC window system with a couple of double glazed openings would have an installation value of £465 including VAT (verified as of July 2019). Therefore, a triple glazed variant in the same situation would cost approximately £565, which is 22% more.

Heat-Loss Through Windows & Triple Glazing
Houses in the UK typically lose about 20% heat through windows. So if you’re considering replacing your windows, using the best-insulated variants in the market is the best thing to do. Of course, you would have to compare the extra cost of triple-glazed windows with your heating bills and realize that you will save more in the long term if you invest in triple glazed windows. According to one customer, “Triple glazing is the right product for us as we prefer to live as comfortably as we can.” Considering the benefits that triple-glazing offers and satisfaction it provides, ultimately, the same decision will be yours.

Benefits of Using Triple Glazed Units
There are multiple benefits of triple glazing windows in your home, the main one being heat insulation. However, it is important to remember that not all triple glazed products are the same. Some triple glazed variants in the market do not offer the maximum potential benefits. Gaps between panes of the glass must be 16mm apart and filled with argon. Argon gas minimizes heat loss escaping through panes. A reduced gap is detrimental to the thermal capabilities of the unit unless a more expensive gas like krypton is used. The optimal dimensions of a triple glazed unit are 4mm thick glass with 16mm gaps. In the glazing industry, this is called a 4/16/4/16/4 unit, which is 44mm in total. Comparing these units to 28mm double glazed units will show that the difference in heat loss or u-value is large. The double glazed unit features a 1.1 u-value while the 44mm unit features a 0.62 u-value, which is over a 40% improvement in terms of performance.

You may choose windows based on the number of pages it has, but you should take a look at the Window Energy Rating (WER) of the unit. This is more reliable in terms of predicting the thermal efficiency of the window once installed in your home before purchasing it.